Canice Kennedy

Sport Psychologist

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If you think you can
or you think you can’t,
You’re right
- Henry Ford

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Individual Performance Enhancement

Improving the mental skills of individual athletes / players by developing an individual training programme aimed at improving commitment, self-control and concentration.

Confidence Building

Educate players in confidence building techniques to enhance performance.

Injury Rehabilitation

Providing athletes with the mental skills to recover quickly from injury and return to playing with confidence.

Stress Management

Showing athletes stress control techniques aimed at reducing the pre-competition anxiety that can affect performance.

Build Mental Toughness

Assist players to develop the self-belief to cope with pressure and to develop strong mental resilience.

Team Building

Working with team managers, coaches and players to develop strong team spirit, improve morale and enhance commitment.

Improving Concentration

Providing athletes with the skills to focus completely on task in hand.

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